Installation Charges

Service Type Window Split
Installation Rs.600 Rs.1500
Uninstallation Rs.400 Rs.600
Installation and Uninstallation Rs.900 Rs.1900

Gas Filling Charges

Gas Filling Window Split
0.8 to 1 ton Rs.1700 Rs.1700
1.1 to 1.5 ton Rs.1900 Rs.1900
Greater than 1.5 ton Rs.2100 Rs.2100

Labour Charges

Service Type Window Split
Fan Motor Rs.250 Rs.250
Grill Window AC Rs.250 NA
Capacitor Rs.250 Rs.250
** **** Blade Rs.250 Rs.250
AC Valve Rs.250 Rs.250
Compressor Rs.250 Rs.250
Blower Rs.250 Rs.250
Other Repairs On Inspection On Inspection

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